Micrometer, the device that measures objects with sensitivity level of 1/1000 mm, resembles the great sensitivity Nace shows towards its customers for all the services offered.
  • 1950 : NACE Established

    The name NACE is composed of two parts, first “NA” resembles Nazmi Engin and  “CE” resembles  Cevdet Zoral. Nazmi ENGİN is Chemistry Engineer and Cevdet ZORAL is Machinary Technician. They have started off their business life working at government bodies.

  • 1952 : NACE Iron Workshop established

    To make a better use of their experiences Nazmi Engin and Cevdet Zoral chose to become entrepreneurs. Nazmi Engin  established a company that manufactures cast iron, bronze and similar materials. In September 8th , 1952 Cevdet Zoral  joined in and two partners established Nace Iron Workshop in Ankara. At this initial period, NACE supplied various iron works, mine works and carried on manufacturing by purchasing new machinary and tools. They aimed to satisfy needs of govermental bodies’  demands by manufacturing agricultural trailers. They have reached farmers who got loans from Ziraat Bank to purchase agricultural trialers. They succeeded in production of anchorage bolts of the construction of Sarıyar Dam on Sakarya River at the province of Ankara. This was a significant step for becoming a factory from a workshop.

  • 1960 : Concrete Batching Plants

    In the second phase , in March 1st ,1957 the status of partnership was transformed to an incorporated company.  Domestically construction market was very profitable. Then to serve the needs of the rapidly growing Turkish Construction industry, NACE started manufacturing tilting type concrete mixers and small size hoists. The crushers, conveying systems, concrete batching plants and truckmixers have been added to the production programme in the coming years. The capacity and number of products have increased rapidly. In order to succeed in the production Nace increased number of qualified employees, provided training, purchased new tools and machines.

  • 1970 : New Factory Facility and Export

    In the third phase of Nace’ development, the area on which the factory was located became insuffıcient to meet the increase in demand and Nace’s growth continiued at the brand new factory at the 10th km outside of Ankara. The 19.000 m2 huge property was tramsformed into Nace Factory Facility with brand new machines and equipments and well-educated employees. Together with the support of this contemporary work environment, Nace’s sales took off domestically and Nace began exporting high quality products.

  • 1986 : NACE Marketing

    It is this year that Nace became the leader in the market and its respected name started to be mentioned among the biggest 500 companies in terms of sales. For the extension of marketing facilities of NACE Machinery and to form cooperations with foreign companies, NACE Marketing & Trade Corporation was founded in 1987. Since then, NACE Marketing has successfully realized the sale of NACE Machinery products in domestic and export markets. Besides these activities, the representation of foreign companies in Turkey, through the agency agreements or technical cooperation agreements has rapidly extended and in a very short period of time, great number of foreign machinery and equipment have been sold and installed to the governmental and private companies in Turkey.

  • 1989 : Incorporation and New Machinery Factory

    The transition in Nace was successfully completed by the end of 1988. In 1989 a structural change took place on the status of the company changed from incorporation to joint venture. In this fourth phase Nace Machinery factory facilities had moved to a new plant which  is located in Ankara industrial Area with the total area of  29,221 m2 of which 11,700 m2 is closed and 17,721 m2 is open. In October 1997 Nace started production at this brand new factory. 

  • 1998 : ISO Certificates

    Over the years, NACE has worked extensively in improving its Quality Management Systems and this resulted in obtaining ISO 9001 Certificate which certifies that the Quality Management Systems of NACE Machinery Industry have been assessed and registered as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001, as of 08.01.1998

  • 2014 : NACE leading company

    Today NACE Machinery Industry is the leading company in Turkey with its standard construction and mining machinery. With its product range, which is highly appreciated with their good quality, performance, reliability and after sale service, NACE Machinery has the largest market share for the crushing and concrete machinery.