Company Profile
NACE, a leading company in mining, construction, and manufacturing industrial plants and machinery, has begun operations in 1952.
NACE operates within a conglomerate, where manufacturing operations are conducted through NACE Machinery Industries Inc. and marketing & sales and overseas agency services through NACE Marketing and Trade Inc. 
The standard manufacturing schedule of NACE involves machinery and plants related to industries of construction, roads, and mining.
There are hundreds of types of machine, the designs of which provided by NACE, in NACE's manufacturing schedule; these types are listed in the following:
- Full (Fixed and Portable) Crushing - Screening - Washing - Storage Plants
- All Forms of Material Handling and Storage Plants
- Underground and surface bulk material conveyors
- Special conveyors for assembly lines
- Full modern Concrete Production Plants (Electronic Computerized).
- Special Weighing and Dosing Plants
Furthermore, construction of production plants, either full or partially turnkey, including engineering services for various industrial sectors is included in our contracting scope. Manufacturing machines conforming contemporary technological developments and having TSE and ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certification, the company has a dynamic, experienced, and specialized technical staff as well as a broad machine park.
In addition to qualified products, after-sales services and constant spare-part services contribute significantly to the trust earned by NACE until today. Beside our domestic sales, about 400 plants have been exported to many countries in the Middle East, Northern Africa, Russia, Turkic Republics and Europe as a result of intensive exportation operations.
NACE has a specialized and expert technical staff as well as knowledge capable of solving any problem you may encounter with regard to production. This staff is ready to help you with surveying, project design, production and commissioning based on state-of-the-art technological innovations.