Occupational Health and Safety Policy
The occupational health and safety policy of NACE Machinery Industries, Inc. is based on the respect to people and to the environment they live in and on realization of this objective by means of zero-accident policies. The company has managed to make Occupational Health and Safety the first priority among its all operations by means of investments and efforts.
Therefore, we undertake the following within the scope of our OHS policy:
- fulfill all legal and other obligations related to occupational health and safety;
- in order to assure the health and safety of employees, suppliers, and visitors, take all necessary measures in line with the OHS legislation and the other requirements related to OHS, keep necessary instruments and Personal Protective Equipments available, and make them used when necessary;
- measure the performance of the OHS management system, do the necessary work to increase the performance;
- predetermine and eliminate unsafe situations and actions which may lead to occupational accidents or occupational diseases within the Workplace or the attachments thereof as well as potential accident risks by means of an OHS expert performing risk assessments;
- provide the safety and social welfare of employees at all levels, visitors, and sub-contractors; reduce potential the financial and emotional damage to them and to their families;
- train our employees in the field of occupational health and safety; and make them achieve a good occupational health and safety consciousness;
- make the sub-contractors and visitors carrying on business within the workplace obey and participate in the rules related to occupational health and safety imposed by NACE Machinery Industries, Inc.;
- maintain the continuity of our OHS Management System which has been built and is being run in this direction.